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Volume Training

  • Volume Lash Technique 

  • Our All-Inclusive lash kit contains all of the application supplies for your training program and beyond

  • Setting up your business, How to set prices, and make more money.

  • How to double your income

  • PDFs for waivers 

  • PDF Practice Sheets 

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your clients from start to finish.

  • Learn how to gain financial independence, a flexible work schedule, and repeat clientele who rebook lash appointments every 2-3 weeks.

  • Continues Support for on-going questions 

  • Gain clients and keep them coming back!

  • Our comprehensive 6 hour course includes all essential tools and materials, empowering you to create flawless, long-lasting lashes.

  • Zoom Course options are also available, contact us for more information.

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